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Not everyone requires the same level of assistance. The BNS AIO Onboarding program offers three tiers of assistance to new BNS AIO 360 users based on the level of first-time help required, they are:

Self-Starter – $0
The Self-Starter package was designed for those who have previous experience with Marketing Automation, or prefer to figure things out for themselves. We provide a number of great resources so you can get started on your own Communication Flow right away.

Kick-Starter – $99
Our most popular Onboarding package combines assistance from the BNS AIO Onboarding team with your technical abilities and communication visions. We ensure you’re familiar with the tool and it’s capabilities through one-on-one training sessions then follow-up a few days later to have another one-on-one review of a communication flow you’ve created. During the review our 360 Expert will point out enhancements to help you get the most out of your BNS AIO 360 subscription.

No-Hands – ($399 + Template Creation)
We take the work out of the process for you by having one of our inhouse Onboarding Experts complete each step of the creation process to your exact specifications. If you’ve got content great- if not, we’ll dispatch our expert design team to analyze and create templates for every one of your communications to give it a professional look and feel. Communicate your vision to our team then sit back and wait for the Automation to begin.
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