When multiple staff members are working with client accounts, maintain control with multi-user accounts. Each user has their own unique login, which activates their own level of permissions. A multi-user account enables multiple users to login to the same account, and users can access different levels and elements based on a permissions system managed by the master account holder or manager.

Multi-user accounts are possible on every level of BNS AIO 360. Here’s how it works. Starting with our Pro Package valued at $99 a month, adding a Custom Domain is $10, increasing by $5 per level up to $25 for Custom Domain at the Corporate level. The Pro comes with a total of two users, and one more for each. So, while Corporate would cost $25 more for each user, there are 5 users already included.

The main account holder can access and create users, set permissions based on users’ logins and more. Multi-user accounts are often used by marketing agencies, nonprofit organizations and so on.

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