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You need a marketing and communication solution that is flexible, customizable and interactive. Our tools are built around your unique requirements. Our all-in-one marketing and communication platform helps you effectively engage your customers and expand your company‚Äôs reach. The platform is simple to use and has a powerful built-in CRM.
Our tools allow you to create your own message, customize the look and feel of your campaigns to be consistent with your company brand, and greatly reduce your manual work. Our team works with clients in every industry and we have used real feedback to develop tools that are ideal for each.
Our team work with companies from each sector so we could develop tools that adjust to each industry based in our clients' ideas and suggestions, 

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We have resources, learning content, and guides for many industries and many fields. 

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Airports are a hub of hustle and bustle. With travellers rushing to catch planes and get their luggage, it is important that you are able to help them stay organized.  

Automated Automotive Industry Solutions

Use marketing automation to attract new customers with targeted lead nurturing campaigns, increase repeat visits with perfectly timed service reminders, and personalise the entire automotive experience for each customer. 

Consumer Package Goods

Use customer flow communication software to personally target each customer, offer consumers incentives automatically, generate more ROI, save time on daily communication tasks and ultimately reduce your bottom line costs.  

Educational Institutions 

Spread your message over multiple channels and connect with potential students through automated nurturing campaigns. Overcome the challenge of keeping students engaged with personalised messages throughout the year. 

Emergency Communications

Set up notifications in advance so you can alert everyone with the click of a button if an emergency occurs. Easily edit communications in seconds as the situation progresses. Spread information immediately over multiple channels. 

Financials Institutions

Automated financial marketing enables you to build loyalty and increase satisfaction through highly personalised communication. Increase client retention by delivering financial news to clients based on their investments and interests. 

Government Communications

Use automated communication to make political campaign management more efficient, strengthen security and manage resources more effectively. Automating your communication allows you to reach out to more of your supporters.

Green Industry Marketing

The green industry encompasses everything from solar power to recycling. Keep customers educated and informed with personally targeted green marketing communication. Reach customers through email, social media and text message. 

Health and Fitness Marketing

With health and fitness marketing automation, stay in touch with thousands of members easily, and provide personalised messages for each member that will keep them engaged. Automation saves you time, money and frustration. 


Online healthcare marketing and information management software makes it possible to achieve greater efficiency in your healthcare communications. Create personalised, patient communication that focuses on value and loyalty. 

Hospitality Marketing: Connect with Guests

With marketing automation, create hospitality marketing campaigns that run on social media, email, text message and even voicemail. Reach each guest with personally targeted messages on their favourite mode of communication.

Inbound Marketing

Provide your customers with compelling content to gain their interest. By providing resources you establish yourself as an industry expert with valuable information. Simplify the sharing process with automation. 

Law Firms

Effective legal marketing automation builds trust with clients, and shows legal knowledge and proven success. Reach out to clients with personalised messages through their preferred method of email, voicemail or even text messages.


Keep your communications organised and streamlined with effective marketing automation. Stay in touch with clients and customers automatically with personalised messages through several channels of communications. 

Media & Entertainment Marketing

Reach out to a diverse audience while also personally targeting your messages. Automatically send messages on social media, email and text message to build a buzz around your media event and attract more guests and press attention.

Nonprofit Automated Marketing

Make the most of your nonprofit staff and budget by reaching out to supporters over multiple channels from a single platform. Engage your supporters with personalised messages that are sent automatically based on stored information. 

Real Estate

Track leads from the moment they reach your website and automatically send targeted messages based on each lead's needs. Personalised communication builds trust and saves time so you can focus on your clients.

Recruiting Firms

Reach all your clients on multiple communication channels with one click through automated personalised messages. Automating parts of the recruitment process allows you to manage infinite customer data easily and efficiently.

Retail Marketing

Shorten the sales cycle with personalised lead nurturing campaigns and increase customer loyalty with messages based on purchase history. All the customer data that makes it possible is managed in our powerful free CRM. 

Sports Communication Automation

Marketing automation for sports enables you to create a personalised experience for each fan. Reach new fans through automated social media management and keep fans coming back with reminders, special promotions and contests. 


Improve your destination marketing and keep tourists coming back with personalised information about their travel plans. Use marketing automation to boost engagement and find potential visitors.


Effectively manage your entire flow of communication including drivers, scheduling, customers and more. Reach customers and distributors with automated messages through email, text message, social media and even fax. 

Utilities Marketing

Utility marketing is based on keeping all your customers informed. Automated messages help you reach out to each one of your customers with messages that are relevant to their account, payment dates, service disruptions and more.

Marketing Automation for Telecommunications

A great customer service attention increases loyalty and allows you to preserve customers' satisfaction. Keep every client updated with payment recalls, notifications, account information, birthday greetings and much more....
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