Keep your online reputation safe. Blacklisting hurts a business’s reputation and email deliverability rate. Our monitoring tool checks over 40 blacklists to ensure that your IP address has not been blacklisted. If it has, we will show you how to get it removed.
Discover immediately if your IP is blacklisted and learn how to get it removed and maintain a strong online reputation.
Organize your email marketing campaigns seamlessly, knowing that your IP address is monitored around the clock.
Communicate with your email subscribers without having to worry about deliverability issues.

Application Features

That help you Discover, Organize, and Communicate with your customers!

Monitor Multiple IP Addresses

Monitor multiple IP addresses over time to maintain their reputation. Your business may use several IP addresses for various purposes. Our monitoring tool will ensure that if any of them are blacklisted you will be immediately notified so you can begin the removal process.

Instant Notifications

Get notified with blacklist alerts and removal instructions in real time. You will instantly be sent an email at your preferred email address if any of your monitored IP addresses are blacklisted. This enables you to do damage control right away so your online reputation doesn't suffer.

Automatic Monitoring

Monitoring is all taken care of automatically. Once you enter the IP addresses you wish to have monitored, there is nothing else to do. You don't even have to think about it again unless you receive an email notifying you that your IP address has been added to a blacklist.

We’re built for all scenarios!

Integrate Current Processes

EmergHub is a fully-customizable platform, built to work for any possible emergency scenario. From snowstorms and forest fires to mass shootings and everything in between, EmergHub is ready.
EmergHub is built to complement your existing emergency processes. Connect the system with our existing integrations, or request a new one.
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