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How Marketing Automation Can Improve 
the way I do Business?

This six steps will take you from guessing who are your best leads to knowing exactly who deserve your time and money ... 

Discovery What 
they Really Want
Never question whether a person is a good sales prospect or engaged customer. With tools like anonymous web tracking and signup forms, you always have the answers you need. 
Let Your CRM 
Organize Your Data
Always know which leads are the best prospect and never miss a follow-up. The BNS AiO CRM allows you to automate your sales and support processes with pipelines, tasks, lists, and tagging. 
Automate Everything 
That Doesn't Need You
Never miss a beat. Through the power of our automation manager, BNS AiO 360, you can supercharge your customer communication with automated flows sent through email, SMS, voice broadcasts.
Give Support Simplified 
And Data Driven  
Ensure a customer never feels left behind. Automated communications ensure that a customer is always reached at the right time, and live chat ensures that their questions are always answered.
Improve Conversion so You 
Make More Money in less time
No coding skills required! Power all of your conversions with our landing page tool. Create beautiful landing pages and easily convert with a built-in signup form. 
Powerful and Granular Analytics to Understand What You Need
Don't question your marketing. All of our tools have dedicated reporting so you can see exactly what works and optimize for the best marketing possible. On top of this, we have powerful split testing tools to ensure your campaigns are always successful.

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Recover focus on your business using Communication Automation.

Discover More Benefits to Improve Your Business Using Communication Automation

Put "Personal Targeting" to Work for You

Build contact profiles and gain valuable insights with form, landing page, and website analytics. Every action that a contact takes is tracked and recorded, enabling you to connect with each lead and customer through personalized messages based on their needs and interests. Personally targeted messages increase interaction and conversion. click image to enlarge

"Lead Nurturing" Your Leads and They Will Trust You

Guide prospects from first point of contact to sale with personally targeted lead nurturing programs. One of the biggest challenges businesses face is identifying qualified leads and turning them into customers. Marketing automation helps you find the hottest leads and appeal to their needs so they will convert.

"Personal Profiles" Improves The Way You Reach Them

Send contacts the right content at the right time via their preferred mode of communication. Automatically collect and store information from each contact in their personal profile. You can use this information to connect with contacts in the way that is most convenient and effective for them. This builds loyalty and increases engagement.

A/B Split Testing and Discover Your Winner Messages

A/B split test different strategies and view full reports to optimize your content. See exactly how contacts are interacting with your campaigns and learn when the most effective times are to send. Fully detailed reports are provided with graphs and statistics so you can learn more about your campaign results. This enables you to improve future campaigns to boost effectiveness.

Use API Connection and Let your Apps Chat with Ours

Trigger automated campaigns via your own system with our easy-to-use API. Once you connect the systems, all information that is stored in your system can be used to personally target messages and campaigns. This saves you hours of time each day and simplifies your marketing process while increasing the effectiveness of your campaigns.
Who Use BNS AiO?
... love us  because they get a new source of recurring  income and rely on us so we work together to increase their Return on Investment without hassle.
Real Estate
... love us  because they can
increase the amount of people who see their properties and send personally targeted messages based on what each lead is looking for. 
Food & Beverage
... love us  because they can spread their brand over multiple channels such as social media, email and text message without adding time to their workday.
... love us  because they can reach out to new students,  reduce dropouts and connect with potential students through automated nurturing campaigns.

"I had a conversation and demo with Manuel Cobos CMTO at BNS Worldwide and I have discovered that they have created an amazing Marketing Automation Tool that competes with Hubspot". ¡Try it!
Graeme Bodys
Nooq.com CEO

"BNS AIO is a very versatile, powerful and complete tool. They teach you how to use it during the trial period and has a magnificent personal assistance."
Eugenio Taulé
YoDigoSi CEO
"I have learnt how to use BNS AiO in less than a week and I'm already managing 3 campaigns. It's an incredible tool to do anything you need in an automated way thanks to the flexibility they offer."
Javier G. Monedero
Itsmymoney CEO

We’re built for all scenarios!

No Matter what your industry is, we got you covered. We can help you automize inner and external processes 

Integrate Current Processes

BNS AiO is built to complement your existing processes. Connect your system with our existing integrations, or request a new one.

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Recover focus on your business using Communication Automation.

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