Are You a Marketing Automation Newbie?...
Start with this 10 Steps Guide

You are probably capturing some or a great deal of customer and lead data in a database or CRM system. If not, don’t worry.

Basically you have a few pieces in place for your online marketing but you haven’t really found a way to integrate it all into one.

For many, this idea is a dream.

Well, with Marketing Automation Software, that dream is now a reality.

You will learn the basics:

  • Choose a Marketing Automation Tool or Vendor
  • Integrate your Existing CRM with your Marketing Automation Solution
  • Use Trigger-Based Messages to Automate Simple, Recurring Emails
  • Try Simple Email Personalization Techniques
  • Schedule Your First Social Media Post
  • Identify the Contact Information that you Need to Collect
  • Integrate Analytics
  • Start Designing Your Forms, Landing Pages and Email Templates
  • Insert Basic Tracking Codes
  • Build Your First Nurturing Campaign
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