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What is BNS AiO Strategy?


BNS AiO offers strategy sessions to BNS AiO customers to help them achieve their marketing and communication automation goals. We want to see you succeed so we are offering strategy sessions to customers free of charge. It does not matter if you are testing the software and would like to see how we can help you, or you have been using the platform for a while. Customers are our number one priority. 


What can Strategy help me Achieve? 


Strategy is here to help make your marketing goals become a reality. We spend time with you to learn about your expected outcomes, such as:


  • Improved opens
  • Best practice for subject lines in emails for optimization
  • Increase your contact database
  • Contact data enrichment
  • Increased conversion
  • Overall boost for your ROI
  • Boost return visits to your website



Who Should Register for a Strategy Session?


Anyone who owns a business that’s looking to:


  • Nurture new or existing customers
  • Automate existing and new communication channels
  • Grow brand awareness
  • Communicate with customer bases using multiple communication channels


How do I get a Strategy Session?


Fill out the form. We ask that you answer a few questions to ensure that we know as much as we can before we meet with you. 


When you fill out the form, one of our Strategy Consultants will reach out to you to set up a time for your first strategy session. 


By providing us with accurate answers to the questions on the form we’re able to learn specific information about your business to better structure our upcoming sessions.


By sharing information with us you’re able to learn:


  • What your competition is doing
  • What is working in your industry
  • Proven techniques we’ll suggest based on your exact goal


What Does a Typical Strategy Session Look Like? 


Typically, a strategy session takes between 30 to 45 minutes. It may be a good idea to schedule a block in your calendar in case the session ends up running long. 

Due to the nature of the conversation, strategy sessions are done one-on-one with with you or your team — not with multiple businesses. This time is for you and your company to converse about roadblocks and successes that you come across.



Are There More Resources I Can Use?


Yes, we have lots of resources for you to take advantage of. Check here out our industry page for information specific to your industry or take a look at our resources page for more videos and whitepapers!


Manuel Llamas


Manuel LLamas



"I wanted to get more students for a Biodecodification course and we called BNS. They helped us to create an advert campaign in Facebook. The campaign lasted 5 days and we get 6 new students that fully payed out BNS services and the advertising costs.

After this experience we decided to become customers of the strategy service permanently and we use the BNS AiO tool to manage all processes. The help and support they provide is excellent"


- Certificated Emotional Psicotherapist

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