Javier G. Monedero


"I personally have learnt how to use BNS AiO in less than a week and I'm already controlling 3 campaigns. It's an incredible tool to do anything you could need in an automated way and with unbelievable low cost due to the flexibility they offer. It's a company that will not have clients, they will have addicts."


- Presidente Itsmymoney S.L.

Javier G. Monedero

What happens once they fill up the form?


Once they are tagged as Essentials:

The prospect is tagged as registered and starts receiving a lesson from the course once a day during 14 days as thet entered into the flow. Also, he/she is included in an scoring system and tagged inside the campaign. This system checks the scoring of each prospect individually.


As the prospect advances through the communication flow that we created with BNS AiO 360, gains points based on the interaction with the campaign's elements.


  • If a campaign email is opened, receives 10 points and a tag is added. 


  • If the 10th day of the course is reached and the prospect has a scoring equal or higher than 100, he is tagged as "Very Interested" because he has read most of the emails received. 


  • If the 10th day of the course is reached and the prospect has a scoring lower than 100, he is tagged as "Little Interested" because he has not opened enough emails. 


Also we create a task in the CRM so the adviser responsible knows that he has to contact with the "Little Interested" prospects and offer them an strategy session, more information, help or answer questions.


At the end of each email we have inserted a Call to Action (CTA) button. The target is that the prospect requests for an strategy session with a BNS AiO expert: 


  • If the prospect clicks in any of those buttons, he is tagged as "Click Link Strategy Email #" where # is the day of the email where he clicked. This way we will know which of the lessons convert better to achieve personalized strategy sessions.

¿How the flow was designed to send the daily emails automatically?


As an example, let's have a look to the flow's section that sends the email 1 automatically and sets up a one day delay before email 2 is sent. Also we will see how we are tagging and scoring all prospects: 

  • Email day 1 is sent automatically. 
  • If it is opened: The prospect gets 10 points. 
  • If it is not opened: the prospect's score is not changed. 
  • We set up a one day delay between email day 1 and email day 2. 

¿How are we tagging the most interested ones after day 10?


The sequences for the next days of sending have the same structure as the one we just saw until we arrive to the course's day 10, where we will count the prospects' number of points and measure their interest. 

How do we finish the automated flow?


After the email 10 we repeat the structure we used un emails 1 and 2 until the email of the day 14 that finishes the execution of this communication flow for the marketing automation crash course.


We are looking forward to receive your own experiences with us. Do not worry if you don't understand how to get started at the beginning or you are stuck in an specific part of the flow.


Remember that we are here to help you take your business to the next level and always will find a member of the BNS AiO team willing to help you. 


How do the course prospects enter into the flow?: 

The prospects can enter into the flow from several forms that we have delivered in our website:







Once they fill the form, the flow has set a checking to know if the prospect registered some other time before in the same Marketing Automation Crash Course. If he/she did it so, the course is NOT going to be sent again, and if he/she did not register before, the flow activates (He/she receives the Course)

Practical Case of an Automated Flow:
Automate an Email Course and Measure the Students Interest 


Company's Target: 

To create an Email Marketing Automation Course 14 days long. This course is for free and gives a lot of value to the selected target. The company wants to measure the interest of the people who receive the course during those 14 days. Also, some links have been created and delivered in the different emails so the students can enjoy more content related with the lesson of the day. That shows a powerful functionality of the on-line Marketing Automation tool. All the emails finish with a Call to Action (CTA) button to allow the student to request help from an expert.  


 The company wants to measure: 

  • Which emails were opened and who requested the help from an expert 
  • What is the specific content that they are interested in 
  • Analyse all this information and notify their advisers to contact the students that showed more interest during the course. To achieve this, the company has created an scoring system that measure the students' interest. 

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