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Eugenio Taulé

Is a very versatile, powerful and complete tool. They teach you how to use it during the trial period and has a magnificent personal assistance.


- Director YoDigoSi

Eugenio Taulé


Graeme Bodys

"I had a conversation and demo with Manuel Cobos CMTO at BNS Worldwide and I have discovered that they have created an amazing Marketing Automation Tool that competes with Hubspot". ¡Try it!


- CEO at

Graeme Bodys
Javier G. Monedero


Javier G. Monedero

I personally have learnt how to use BNS AiO in less than a week and I'm already controlling 3 campaigns. It's an incredible tool to do anything you could need in an automated way and with unbelievable low cost due to the flexibility they offer. It's a company that will not have clients, they will have addicts.


- President at Itsmymoney S.L.


Do you want to learn how to use Marketing Automation to improve your business? 

Sign up to our free 14 days crash course and learn the best tricks and advises to improve your marketing thanks to automation! 


This is what you will learn every day: 


Day 1 – Track your prospects from the first contact

Did you ever wonder who visits your web site and you want to personalize your content in order that they continue visiting you across a definite journey? BNS AiO Sonar will help you to obtain it. Sonar draws the profile of your contacts using a script included in one or all your web pages.


Day 2 – The power to convert prospects to contacts

You have already used them somehow. The sign up forms are a great way of obtaining new contacts that want to receive your messages of communication. To use sign up forms assures you that your contacts are updated. It is the most used method to obtaining contacts for your database.


Day 3 – Boost conversions with landing pages

Use landing pages to obtain leads. Using a landing page is like having a micro-page that shows a product or an offer to your prospects. These pages help you segment traffic and optimize your messages. They are an indispensable weapon in the arsenal of your marketing.


Day 4 – The backbone of your communications: CRM

Take the most profit from a comprehensive CRM. A CRM gives you a 360 grade vision of your business.


Day 5 – Obtain results with the micro – focusing

Segment your information is useful because this will help you to personalize your messages. You can create lists of contacts based on the criteria that you have obtained from the Sonar and other analytical information.


Day 6 – Use sales funnels for your business

Use channels and sales funnels to see how the prospects move across your flow of communication elaborated thanks to a good previous information. You will always know in what stage of the process they are and which ones reach your points of conversion.


Day 7 – Enrich your sales with automated flows 

If you want to create a marketing process that is not too widespread and that will be growing as your business, then automation is the way for you. Though you can use all BNS AiO's tools in a separate way, you will really achieve a major profit when you swift to Marketing Automation.


Day 8 – Communicate through multiple channels

Use only one channel for your communication is not always the best way. Use the BNS AiO platform allows yourself to combine all the channels of communication based on your contact's preferred channel of communication.


Day 9 – Automatically nurture and identify your contacts

Use different tools to guide and to qualify your leads in all steps of the buye´s journey. Get started catching clients who really want to buy. Let's organize from the skills that you have acquired in the last days. 


Day 10 – Obtain loyal clients without moving a finger 

Construct clients' loyalty with marketing automation. Increasing the use of these tools will allow you to boost clients' retention. Using the information that you have learned on the behavior of your clients will improve your relationship with them. What you want is offer your clients something that they could not obtain in any other place.


Day 11 – Case 1: Proven strategy to nurture prospects 

Now that you have learned some aspects about how to use marketing automation tools, try some of our practical cases. Build an example from the beginning until the end and start using it in your business process. 


Day 12 – Case 2: Convert prospects to clients any place any time

Not many marketers use SMS channel, but it is a way of communication that grows. With BNS AiO you can make your prospects to join using shortcodes and keywords. These cases will help you to begin with the SMS marketing. 


Day 13 – Case 3: Add your personal touch

Go beyond contacting your prospects. Whenever your contacts interact with you, you should take the opportunity to learn more from them. You can do it several ways, from forms, surveys, web tracking information, e-mail or SMS communications. Show them that you are listen to them creating a personalized experience for each of them when they return.


Day 14 – Congratulations! It's the end of the course

We will show you the communication flow that we have created for this course of Marketing Automation. You will discover how we have taged and scored you depending on how you interacted with the content of the course.

This is the end of the crash course, but do not worry, we are still here for you: book a demo or an strategy session today!

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